Sorry to see our unicorn approach the bolt. But it had lost its teeth, it was lame from hoof-rot. Its mane shed stringy wisps.  Worst of all was the Horn, which I tried to reattach when it fell off. Oh, I tried so hard!  But now it was crooked. Rolling its eyes, the Poor Beast

Half Men Half Biscuits Live

Half Men Half Biscuits roughly record hi-resolution rowdy radio riot right in right-on Poitiers, Friday 18th September 2020. You were not there? You were and are square. Please do better next time.

You What?

With only a Joy Division oven glove for spiritual guidance, Stan McEwan sets off in search of truth and booty across the post-secondary modern playground of glibsville, UK.

Story with a Lift

A group of visitors is waiting to take the lift back down to the ground floor. Some of them have souvenir shopping bags. A woman is discreetly scolding a small boy who stares blankly at two red arrows, one pointing up and one pointing down, next to the lift doors. At the front of the