Kuzodians, Pt 3

Chapter 3 ISo very near the goal. One more was all it would take. It had proved so easy.Very few people could resist. Certainly not the very young. They were so trusting and… compliant. It would be better to wait.No.Now. II Pale silver light from the full moon shone through the shutters, striping his bedding

Hello Farewell Transmission

Only 3 months after they were on the show. The Farewell Transmission session. No Transmissions were harmed in the making of these videos.

It’s slow work…

… but someone’s got to do it. You should all slow down…it’s good for you and it’s good for your bank account too! Here is a local accounting firm who are firmly, but gently, ahead in reducing to increase. How could slowing down speed up success in your job/life?

Kuzodians, pt 2

Chapter 2 I A pair of fins tore parallel silver wakes through the smooth surface of the Garonne. She caught a glimpse of two sleek grey bodies before they dipped below the surface of the wide body of water, only to appear fifty metres upriver, arching simultaneously, each dorsal spraying diamond droplets into the brilliant


by Sadim Chelwood Chapter 1 La Boivre, Poitiers, Old France 2731 CE I It would be happening soon and she would be watching. Watching and recording. The girl known as Tyr-10 shifted her weight more evenly between her forearms, carefully flattening the long grass in front of her to optimise the view of the tiny


They said you couldn’t have a pedalboard made from an old skateboard until Glibstuff made one.


Sorry to see our unicorn approach the bolt. But it had lost its teeth, it was lame from hoof-rot. Its mane shed stringy wisps.  Worst of all was the Horn, which I tried to reattach when it fell off. Oh, I tried so hard!  But now it was crooked. Rolling its eyes, the Poor Beast

Half Men Half Biscuits Live

Half Men Half Biscuits roughly record hi-resolution rowdy radio riot right in right-on Poitiers, Friday 18th September 2020. You were not there? You were and are square. Please do better next time.